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How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Local Business

Customer reviews have become critical for local businesses in the digital age. They’re no longer just an optional feature but a crucial aspect of a business’s online presence. These reviews


Tips to Utilize AI-Generated Content Safely

As AI-generated content continues to transform industries, it’s crucial to understand its potential and take advantage of its opportunities. Failing to embrace AI now may lead to falling behind shortly.

Google’s Preferred Structured Data: JSON-LD vs. Microdata 

Google has been the center of the SEO industry for as long as we remember. There are several other search engines, but Google remains the industry leader with over 92% market


Critical Local SEO KPIs For Businesses: How To Improve Performance

Local SEO requirements are different from general SEO. The latter is a vast domain, with many Key Performance Indicators or KPIs to work it. Once in a while, we all

10 Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO & Content Marketing

Content marketing is pivotal in captivating and engaging audiences in this ever-evolving digital landscape. To attain triumph in content marketing, it is imperative to comprehend the latest trends and subjects


10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2023

Conducting thorough keyword research is essential to achieving success in SEO endeavours. It plays a role vital in helping businesses identify the most relevant and impactful keywords to optimise their

How to locate your Google My Business CID? 

Every Google Business Profile has a unique identification CID number that is useful for several applications. The CID stands for Customer Identification which is how Google identifies your business. If


How On-Page Optimizations Can Boost Local Organic Traffic

Suppose you own a small business in a busy urban area. You have a great product or service but struggle to get noticed in the sea of competition. That’s where


How to Create a Winning SaaS SEO Strategy

As more and more businesses turn to SaaS solutions to streamline their operation and improve their productivity, such solution providers need to be at the top of search results. With


How to Make Google Index Your Website Faster

More recently, we are witnessing that Google is delaying site index for several websites. It is a significant concern for webmasters as a slow index by Google implies their websites