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How to locate your Google My Business CID? 


Every Google Business Profile has a unique identification CID number that is useful for several applications. The CID stands for Customer Identification which is how Google identifies your business. If Google ever creates a new record for you or merges listings, if you know your CID, you will know.

Here are three methods to find your CID. 

Method 1: 

Open Google Maps, and search for the Google Business for which you want o locate the CID. 

Once the Google Business Profile appears on Google Maps, select it. 

Then press Ctrl + U to open the source of the page. 

Now press CTRL+F, and search the source code for the phrase “ludocid”.

The CID will be a string of numbers that will appear after “ludocid\\u003d” and before #lrd.

For example: 

The CID in this string: ON+L3Y+4V8\u0026ludocid\\u003d18208190227674681406#lrd\u003d0x882ace1b6df9d1db:0xfcb07c8a7b49d03e

is 18208190227674681406. 

Method 2: 

If you want to search CID for a “Service Area Business” listing in Google Maps, then you will have to use these steps: 

Follow the same steps as above to locate the SAB Google My Business profile in Google Maps.

Then select the listing. This time you will see a long URL in the address bar; copy the URL. 

The URL will be something like this: 


You have to look for strings that start with “0x.” There will be two such strings. In our example, these are 0x882ad2157062b6c3 and 0xe060d065957c4103. 

The second string that ends with an exclamation mark is the CID in hexadecimal format. Here the CID is “e060d065957c4103”.

Paste the value in any online Hexadecimal converter to get the CID number.

Method 3: 

If you fail to locate the Google Business CID using the above two methods, then you can try this CID converter.


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