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Rank Tracking is Important: Here Are The Reasons Why [Infographic]

Whether to track keyword rankings or not, is an ongoing debate among SEOs. You will find many blogs already discussing this subject, but we are here to


SEO Trends That Will Continue in 2022

Search Engine Optimization is an industry that is fast evolving. Google as a search giant is making use of new-age technologies and improving the existing ones to


What is E‑A-T? Why You Must Know About It & It’s Important for SEO

It was August 2018, when E-A-T first gained the attention of the SEO industry. Ever since there are hundreds of articles published about what it is and

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 20 Minutes

Ranking in the top spot in Google is the ultimate goal. While the search giant has clearly stated that there are over 260 ranking factors taken into


What Is Semantic Search? How It Impacts SEO

Have you ever been amazed at the ability of Google to handle almost any query you throw at it? Let’s take this for an example: We asked

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