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How to fix Duplicate Meta Tags SEO issue?

Pages with duplicate meta tags can cause problems with the site indexability. As meta tags are used by search bots to make sense of the page content, it is important to keep them unique.

What Triggered the Issue?

Duplicate Meta Tags errors are caused by the same content in the meta tags of a page. Most importantly, pages with the same Meta Description tags can make it difficult for search engine bots to understand the context of the page.

Here is a complete list of Meta Tags that Google Understands

Why is it important to fix duplicate Meta tags? 

Meta Tags are considered important for on-page SEO. These tags help both users and search engine bots to understand the context and content of the page quickly.

It is important to fix the issue as it can lead to high keyword cannibalization, which results when multiple pages of the same site compete for the same search terms. It is important to keep these issues in check to avoid a ranking drop. Also, too many duplicate content issues can trigger quality algorithms like Google’s Panda.

How to fix the issue? 

As duplicate Meta Tags result from human error typically, if the number of pages with this error is less, you can manually correct them. Else, you can hire a developer to fix large-scale duplicate meta content issues.