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How to Fix Duplicate Titles issue?

Pages with identical H1 tags cause this error.

What Triggered the Issue? #

Identical H1 tags cause this issue.

In an HTML document, you can use hierarchical headings from h1 to h6. Of all these headings, h1 has the highest priority, while others have descending intermediary importance based on the number. Page titles always use the <h1> tag, giving them the highest priority.

Why is it important to fix duplicate titles?  #

Duplicate page titles can affect the ranking of pages. Multiple pages with the same title make it difficult for the search engines to differentiate the ‘best’ page for a specific search query. If the most relevant page is not shown in the search result pages, it leads to a poor searcher’s experience and a high bounce rate.

All web pages should have unique titles to rank in SERPs. To better understand how search engines handle duplicate content, you can refer to Google’s Duplicate Content Guidelines.

How to fix the issue?  #

To quickly edit h1 tags, click on ‘View Source Code’ beneath is the page title and lookup for <h1> tags. Open the HTML file in any Code Editor and make necessary updates.